I am a teacher, which I still thoroughly enjoy, but recently, 
I have moved my focus into painting, which is something
for which I have always had a real passion.   

I'm based in a beautiful village on the northern edge of London,
and the peaceful surroundings of my studio allow me to explore
my imagination and be inspired to express myself through my very individual art.

When I paint, women and animals are usually my starting point,
but something within me always looks for an unusual angle,
so my paintings are often described as 'quirky'.
And I have been told that my style '...goes from super-edgy
to soft bunny rabbit, all within a single painting...'!

But I do have a great love for the subjects of my work -
whether real or fictional - and I try to convey this
in the way I depict them.

I hope you enjoy what you see on my website,
why not let me create something for you?

Modern Art is My Passion